15-Minute Sketch: Old Cars & Trucks

by Paint Tube 1 Minutes

Olds cars and trucks offer a great opportunity to add texture to your drawings and paintings.Grab your pencil, paper and hit play. Your 15-minutes of drawing practice starts now!

Please note: The video does not include audio. Think of it as a reference photo slideshow: Five reference photos will be on the screen each for 3-minutes each. Ready, set, sketch!




Click on the links below to find large versions of each photo plus more great photos from skilled photographers.

Image 1: Blue rust car in desert
Image 2: Car in front of ocean
Image 3: Yellow front of a car
Image 4: Rusty car in desert
Image 5: Back lit car


No cars are painted in this video but her salt techniques would work wonderfully for creating car rust. Check out Tuscan Textures: Rich Textures Using Salt with Judy Morris.