Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Why Dan Marshall Likes Mops and Rounds

by Paint Tube 1 Minutes

This Tuesday Tip comes from Dan Marshall’s “Cityscapes in Watercolor: Capturing Mood & Atmosphere.”

Dan is specific about his brushes. He uses Escoda brushes: Squirrel mop and pointed rounds. Why? Dan says, “I want to paint juicy and thick with a brush that can really create a nice belly of pigment on the paper. “ He doesn’t use flats at all unless it’s for adding rust to the side of a barn. They just don’t hold the amount of pigment/water he wants for his style.


Learn which watercolor brushes are right for you


So if you’re having trouble keeping enough pigment or water in your brushes (for example, you can’t paint a very long line) try the pointed rounds. They are designed to hold as much water as possible.

See those rounds in action by checking out Dan Marshall’s video workshop, “Cityscapes in Watercolor: Capturing Mood & Atmosphere.”


Learn which watecolor brushes are right for you