The Power of Process: Looking at Karen Knutson’s Work

by Paint Tube 2 Minutes

The Power of Process: Looking at Karen Knutson’s Work

Karen Knutson’s new video, Fun with Mixed Media, combines a powerful set of techniques and the design that makes a strong painting. (That design portion, by the way, is easier than you think!) What’s even better is that you can use these ideas to paint any of your favorite subjects. Karen paints a crow but her process translates great to landscapes and still life. 

 Karen Knutson's Mixed Media Painting


Below, we’re going to look through some of Karen’s work and you’ll start to notice just how well this process translates across subject matter.

But first, let’s get our eyes acclimated. In Fun with Mixed Media, Karen shows you how to do a charcoal pour. The charcoal pour is not only super fun but it starts your work with textural interest. (See image below).


Once Karen has her charcoal pour down, she creates a light pathway through her painting. This allows the viewer’s eye to travel through the piece in a coherent way. 

Karen takes these same ideas and brings them to other pieces. Below she has used these same approaches (and many others she outlines in her video) for forest scenes. Notice the light pathway through the painting and how she’s worked both positively and negatively in her painting. 



And a landscape with structures:


Now, let’s look at the same ideas but in a floral still life painting. 

It’s amazing what a good process gives you.

When you’re first starting, definitely, follow along and paint what Karen paints. It will help you solidify the ideas to see her work as you work. 

But as you get comfortable- and this is where the real fun begins-  begin to think about how to use these ideas in broader subject matter. Begin to fold them into your own work.