Sylvia Trybek

Sylvia Trybek: Figures on Park Bench


Sylvia Trybek is an award-winning artist specializing in representational painting including still lifes, landscapes, and figurative works. Working alla prima from life is her preferred way of working. Strong composition, lively colors, and emphasis on solid drawing form a foundation of her painting, teaching style and philosophy.

This program shows you how you can take photographs that you may have collected over the years and use them to provide interesting compositions to paint in the studio.

Working mostly from live models and subjects, I paint the essence of what I feel and see. I am blessed by the endless inspiration resulting from my life of an international traveler. My paintings reflect vivid memories of distant and exotic places with people of different cultures and traditions. I strive to present to a viewer the enchanted moments and the ambiance of places I visited or dreamed of. In my paintings one can find people in their national costumes, outdoor scenes, and simple objects unchanged by the advance of technology and by the passage of time.

My style of work could be defined as impressionistic - inspired by light bouncing off what I see and woven tightly with the mood that I experience. Using loose but precise brushstrokes I ignore superficial details and paint the essence of the scene, the beauty and the character of models, and the charm of a still life.
Sylvia Trybek