Albert Handell

Albert Handell: Painting in Oil

Video Length: 3 Hours 48 Minutes

Included in the video is a start-to-finish painting demonstration where Albert explains each step that he takes and why. This will solidify your newfound knowledge so you can apply the techniques in your own paintings.

Interspersed with the demonstration, you’ll find helpful exercises that provide in-depth lessons on:

  • Drawing
  • Understanding your subject
  • Color mixing
  • Color value
  • Pressure and application
  • Award-winning oil painting techniques


This is truly the stuff legends are made of, and it is a rare and great opportunity for you to learn from this art legend. This kind of opportunity does not happen often, so don’t miss your chance to study with one of today’s most accomplished artists by adding this video to your resource library.


Here is just some of what you’re getting when you bring Albert into your own studio on this video:

  • The ONE trick that will help you paint more realistic images
  • THE technique that will bring you more satisfaction than any other
  • Creating the right cast shadow (and how creating a wrong one can botch your whole painting — Albert is a bona fide expert on this!)
  • The TWO colors you must start mixing together (you’d never guess what they are!)
  • Albert’s BEST piece of advice you’ll ever get as an artist (you don’t want to miss this!)
  • The ONE technique that will completely change the way you mix and paint with dark colors
  • CONTROL your color with a simple technique that many artists don’t know about (but you will now!)
  • The magic that will happen in your paintings just by doing this ONE LITTLE THING
  • What NOT to worry about at the beginning of your painting (all while saving yourself some time!)
  • Where to start a painting, when to stop, and everything in between!
  • Do THIS and set yourself up to create the best paintings of your life
  • The #1 TRICK for a clear delineation between your background and foreground
  • Just how many brushes does an artist need anyway? (Albert dishes on this topic!)
  • ONE tip that will help you lighten your touch (simple and oh, so effective!)
  • Ever struggle to put the finishing touches on your paintings? You won’t anymore!
  • The single, most underused tool you probably already own
  • Plus a LOT more!


There’s just no substitute for the years of experience Albert brings to you. You get to learn the techniques and philosophy that have taken Albert decades to master — saving you a lot of time and the frustration of trial and error you would experience on your own.

As you watch Albert paint L’arbre (The Tree), you will feel his passion and observe his technique for capturing the fine details of the bark, branches, and leaves. He’ll explain how he creates the right cast shadow to achieve a realistic look and how he brings in texture to highlight different features. In no time, you’ll begin to see what you’ve been missing in your paintings and how, with Albert’s help, your next painting may just be the best you’ve ever done.

To make things really easy for you, the video has chapter breaks throughout the demonstration so you can return to any step in the lesson you want to replay — something you definitely can’t do in a live workshop!

Take the opportunity now to add this lesson-rich video to your own learning library — it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss.


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