Charles Reid

Charles Reid: Watercolour Landscape Masterclass

Video Length: 2 Hours 14 Minutes

Charles Reid is one of the world's best known watercolorists of his generation. His style is instantly recognizable - full of color and light. He has inspired countless thousands of artists who strive to produce lucid colorful paintings.

In this watercolor instruction video, "Watercolour Landscape Masterclass" from Town House Films, Charles Reid shows you how to achieve color mastery and create vibrant watercolors. Charles Reid is one of America's finest artists, known for his free watercolor style.

Charles is a member of the National 'Academy and began his painting career using oils. Charles Reid is completely fascinated by light and atmosphere, he avoids overworking and achieves a brilliant freshness. In this watercolor workshop, his first purely landscape DVD, Charles travels to a spot that has been a favorite with artists for centuries - Pin Mill in Suffolk, England. It's home to some of the last remaining Thames Sailing barges which form the subject for Charles's first painting.

This watercolor instruction video captures two half imperial paintings in enormous detail. At 2 hours this is one of our longest running DVDs and part of our Master Class series. It's a must for all Charles Reid fans - a chance to see every stage of the painting process and watch a master at work.

Enjoy Charles's unique style of painting as he guides you through step-by-step demonstrations showing how to draw, color mix, use tonal values, brushwork, and composition, which when combined produce the most stunning, beautiful landscapes.


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