Ed Labadie

Ed Labadie: Creating from Chaos

Video Length: 0 Hour 45 Minutes
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Ed Labadie takes you on a voyage of discovery to explore an exciting new method of creating paintings from wild, wonderful beginnings, then develops the images discovered within.

1. Explore new methods to combine both abstract and representational art.
2. Learn design and composition fundamentals.
3. Loaded with lessons and techniques for all painters.

This novel approach produces paintings which work on three levels: Dynamic abstract designs, the development of forms and figures, and viewer involvement as they make their own discoveries.

Labadie also delivers fundamental design and composition lessons applicable to painters in every medium and for all painting levels.

Creating from Chaos is loaded with lessons and techniques, featuring three (3) demonstrations: two in watercolors and one in oils. A step by step process develops right before your eyes.

Put these lessons to work immediately to help you create thoroughly original works of art, and enjoy the process of painting like never before.

Chapter Selections:
1. Introduction
2. First Watercolor Demo
3. Elements of Design
4. Painting Principles
5. Second Watercolor Demo
6. Oil Demo
7. Analysis Tips
8. Closing Comments