Gregory Mortenson

Gregory Mortenson: Realistic Self Portraits

Video Length: 24 Hours 40 Minutes

Here are just a few techniques you will discover:

  • The very first thing you should always do BEFORE you start your drawing and why this is so critical to your success...
  • The secret to blocking in your drawings using form...
  • How to establish the correct proportions for the face and prevent the most common mistakes. (This alone is worth the price of this video...)
  • Exactly how to set up your light sources and mirrors to get that "Old Master" illumination effect...


Here Are Some of the Techniques You'll Discover

  • How to capture your true image vs. a mirror image when drawing a portrait
  • The fascinating way Gregory finds "real" objects in his shapes and how you can use this insight to improve the quality of your own work
  • The tools and tips Gregory has learned to make the portrait painting experience go smoothly for the artist
  • How to use the monochromatic imprimatura technique the way the masters do


Sound difficult? It's not!

Yes, the truth is that it's NOT a complicated process. With the right teacher helping you, it's actually quite easy!

That's where Gregory Mortenson comes in.

You'll get access to over 20 hours of in-depth training for just $197...

Yes, we said TWENTY HOURS. This is a true bargain at less than $10 an hour. If you could hire Gregory personally to teach you, it would cost you at least 20 times that amount.

This is less than you would pay for a single hour of instruction with a world-class portrait painter like Gregory Mortenson!

And now you can get access to his exact step-by-step process for creating stunning self-portraits.

So if you've always wanted to paint a beautiful portrait or self-portrait, one that makes you proud to say, "I painted that," then this is your chance to learn exactly how to do it.


You don't need to be an experienced painter to learn how to do this.

And you don't have to have talent to paint. That comes from training.

In fact, in the words of our publisher, B. Eric Rhoads, if you can follow a recipe and bake a cake, you can learn to paint. Because painting is a process.

Well, this is your "recipe" for painting incredible self portraits!

This training is right for you if:

  • You've always wanted to learn how to draw and paint a self-portrait the same way the masters do it
  • You love the idea of painting portraits but don't want to spend thousands of dollars hiring models to sit for you
  • You want to immerse yourself in your art and enjoy the experience, all from the comfort of your own home


About the Artist: Gregory Mortenson

Gregory Mortenson is one of the most well-regarded portrait artists working today. His spellbinding, emotionally charged portraits can be found on display in fine art galleries from New York to Barcelona.

We would need to write a short novel to list all of the awards he's won over the years, and that's why so many magazines, like American Artist Magazine, International Artist, Fine Art Connoisseur, and PleinAir have featured him.

As you can tell, both critics and collectors love Gregory's work. But here's what's REALLY important to YOU as an artist:

Gregory is a world-class teacher with a remarkable talent for helping others improve their painting skills as rapidly as possible.

That's one of the reasons so many people flock to his portrait drawing and painting classes at Grand Central Academy in New York. (And you should too, if you live nearby.)

The bottom line?

If you want to learn how to paint a stunning portrait, then this is the man to help you do it!


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