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Tony Pro: Secrets of Expressive Portraits


Video Length: 5 Hours 25 Minutes
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Discover the Secret Language to Create Emotion in Your Paintings

A tool that has been closely held and passed to only a select few artists, generation to generation, will make your paintings come alive.


You are about to discover something that very few artists even know exists.

In fact, it’s been closely held and shared with only a few hand-picked students, so it stays alive — and gives them a special edge.

Did you know there is a secret language in painting? 

You’re not alone. 

This was new to us. In fact, we found it so fascinating that we wanted you to know about it.

All artists should know it, because it will make their paintings better. Much better.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what we thought, too. But once we looked into this, we realized there was something to it.

This secret painting language is not some decoder-ring kind of thing.

It’s not a secret society. There is no conspiracy. 

But it turns out that among certain artists who do amazing paintings … who seem to be a few notches above other painters … there is a secret language they use to make their paintings overflow with emotion.

In case you have never heard this:

Great paintings speak to the heart, not the head.

When your paintings radiate emotion, people respond better to them and often want to own them.

Ever create a painting that everyone responds to? When they say, “I know exactly where that is,” or, “I don’t know why, but this painting speaks to me”? 

Sometimes we stumble into it, but our next paintings don’t capture the same thing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the formula so you could make it happen every time?

These secrets about the language of painting will work in all mediums…

  • Oil painting
  • Acrylic painting
  • Watercolor painting
  • Pastel painting
  • Even drawing with pencils or charcoal

And it can be applied to all subject matter…

  • Portraits
  • Figures
  • Landscapes
  • Plein air paintings
  • Still life
  • Architecture or buildings
  • Animals
  • Western art
  • Even abstract painting

It turns out that the world is brimming with a hidden language that most artists can’t speak.

This mysterious code unlocks the secrets to creating emotion in your painting.

With the right teacher, you can learn to recognize and decode a variety of elements in order to capture the likeness of your subject, including...

  • Light and shadow
  • The perfect color tones
  • Realistic form
  • The nuances of expression
  • The critical details
  • And that special spark that makes viewers look again

But where do you find this code?

Until now, it’s been a tightly held secret that has been passed along by a few painters from generation to generation. It was intended for only a select few.

One caring artist decided to break the chain of exclusivity and make this secret available to all artists everywhere, because he feels it will impact everyone’s work and could change the art world by making everyone’s paintings better.

Almost 20 years ago, one of America’s great illustrators, Glen Orbik (1963-2015), carefully shared this generational technique with a very small and select group of young art students who showed great promise. 

He knew this secret could die with him. And, as it turned out, his life ended sooner than it should have, as he died at the young age of 52. 

Had he decided to wait until his senior years to pass this secret along, it would have been lost. Yet because he meticulously trained these select young prodigies, this information will live on for yet another generation.

One of these gifted young art students was Tony Pro, himself the son of a well-known artist. Tony grew up in the Los Angeles area and was fortunate to have been selected by Glen to learn these techniques. 

He was instructed to pass these techniques along to his own special students so that they will live on for generations. 

However, Tony wanted to impact the art world in a big way and decided art could change if more artists knew this system, rather than just a select few. So, after we encouraged him to document these secret techniques on video, Tony went into our studios to record a new video course. 

Imagine how the art world could change if every artist knew the secret language of painting.

Tony Pro is known for cutting-edge realism techniques, and was the winner of the American National Award of Excellence at the 14th Annual Oil Painters of America National Show.

In Secrets of Expressive Portraits, Tony demonstrates his techniques using two different live models, showing you how similar clues can be found in every subject and providing a baseline for creating your own paintings.

Once you’ve learned to recognize the signs, you can apply this knowledge to create realistic works of art with any medium or subject.

What you will discover:

Over four hours of detailed and easy-to-apply instruction, Tony Pro goes in-depth into topics including:

  • Clues to look for to “read” your subject
  • Creating the right range of dark to light values
  • Proper mixing of paint and color and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Finding secondary features and making them work for you
  • Which details of the face you need and which to avoid 
  • How to create the vibrant shadows that make subjects real
  • How to create that powerful sense of emotion
  • The final touches of a painting that make it come alive

Tony Pro infuses every painting with his own feelings about the subject and shows you how to do the same, giving your work an extra layer of emotion that isn’t taught in standard art courses.

With quiet insight, Tony guides you through two complete painting demonstrations, instructing you step by step on...

  • How to blend paints and why most artists get it wrong
  • Which details to capture and why
  • How to create absolute realism in your piece without making it look photorealistic


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kenneth Kant
good techniques shown

There are two portraits, a young woman and an older man. The first is carefully painted, the second is more exuberant, with stronger brush strokes and more color. There is a little more fidgeting with the second one, as if there was extra time to be used up. Overall the demonstrations should be useful to new painters.

Liliedahl Customer
Tony Pro Expressive Portraits

I liked it and I learned from it. Was disappointed that the demo did not include eyes. However, Tony did a marvelous job and I would recommend this to anyone want to improve their portrait painting.

Hector A Escamilla
Tony Pro

Excellent demonstration of skill and technique very helpful for any portrait artist

Tony Pro

I am very much enjoying Tonys DVD. The loose approach is exactly what I wanted and I appreciate his discussion about that. I knew Tony at CAI and I would also like to see a similiar approach to landscape work.

Anna Blanchard
Secrets of Expressive Portraits

EXCELLENT - well spoken - VERY good example of wonderful portraits. Will order another