Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts: Color - Landscape Painting Techniques for Success

Video Length: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
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Learn to create great landscape paintings by improving your foundational color skills with Ian Roberts!

Mastery of color and color theory understanding are some of the most important skills to have to create successful landscape paintings. In this video workshop, Ian will help you master color to make your paintings stand out in a crowd!

Ian will guide you through the use of Color Shapes (simplifying what you see into color blocks on your canvas) and Roadmap of Intentions (carefully planning and executing your composition for a good finished work). You'll learn how to accurately mix color to achieve the correct hue, value, and intensity to best portray your subject.

Once you've got the basics down, paint along with Ian as he completes two simple landscape studies step-by-step to put your new painting lessons into practice.


Customer Reviews

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K Cooper
Color study

I very much like Mr Robert's teaching style - straight forward, clear, concise. His focus in the video is hue, value and intensity and the practicing to get it right. Yes, he does demos, but they are for illustrating the focus of the video and what we need to learn/review, rather than impressing us with his masterful painting capabilities.
Repeatedly, he compares the practice of a musician working with scales, to an artist working with color studies. Study tools/excercises are included in the video.