Jean Pederson

Jean Pederson: Mixed Media Portraits: Beyond Realism

Video Length: 2 Hours 4 Minutes

If your portraits can’t be described as exciting, unique, and authentic, but you would like them to be, this is for you!


Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s included for you:

  • Think in layers — Jean shows you how
  • The ONE big risk with mixed media and how to overcome it!
  • Let go of the formality of realism (lighten up while still creating quality portraits!)
  • Know when your project is done (when more becomes too much!)
  • Do THIS and you’ll be limiting yourself — and you don’t want that!
  • Interpret rather than copy — you’ll LOVE the results!
  • Create a little mystery for your viewers!
  • Why working with portraits and figures can be very satisfying!
  • Portraits are so much more than painting eyes, a nose, and a mouth (let Jean show you how to bring in some creativity!)
  • Shed those traditional beliefs and expectations and have fun with portraits!
  • The number one question you should ask yourself during every mixed media project (this will really open your mind!)
  • Want the wow factor Jean has? Try THIS!
  • The BEST way to find your ideal subject (never struggle with this again!)
  • It’s okay to exaggerate!
  • So much more!


    You’re about to feel how liberating it will be when you begin to interpret your subject rather than stick with a traditional, realistic approach.

    You’ll no longer be painting exactly what and who you see … you’ll be conveying the inner soul of your subject … who they are outside of just their physicality.

    You’ll hear Jean Pederson ask, “How much information do you have to give your audience to communicate the idea of a portrait?” With that question as a foundation, she’ll show you what you need to include and what’s best to leave up to your viewer’s imagination. This concept alone will help you to stop focusing on the tiny details that can be frustrating in portrait painting. You’ll now be enjoying the freedom that comes with creating your own interpretation of the person you’re painting.

    As Jean says, “Let the viewer fill in the blanks.”

    This is exactly what you need so that your portraits will have the exciting, unique, and authentic characteristics you’re looking for.


    Learning Is Fun

    You will delight in Jean’s fun and uplifting teaching style. She is an excellent instructor who thoroughly explains each step as she demonstrates a full start-to-finish mixed media painting, titled Abeyance.

    Her love for mixed media and her expertise in capturing the essence of a person shine through as she delivers over two hours of instruction for you. Jean also shares her personal insights on why she loves mixed media art and how you can avoid its biggest risk — you definitely want to know this before you start your next project!

    Jean says that including collage in your portraits is an extra surprise — like a cherry on top! She even shows you how to make collage papers in a bonus segment of the video.

    From showing you the various tools she uses and through each phase of the painting, you’ll experience it all. Be sure to watch until the very end, when Jean adds a surprising final touch to her painting — now you’ll know one of her special techniques that makes her art stand out!


    Mixed Media Portraits: Beyond Realism with Jean Pederson is one video every artist who is interested in painting portraits should own. You’ll want to refer to it again and again as you get a feel for how using mixed media can help you tell the story of your subject in a way that is both personal and flattering.

    You’ll be sharing your own artistic flair through your portraits, creating just enough mystery to captivate your viewers, giving them the opportunity to use their own imagination to fill in the blanks you’ve left for them.

    Your portraits will attract attention and create curiosity. They’ll spark conversation as people ask “How did you do that?” And then it will be up to you whether to share your newfound secrets!

    Mixed media will bring a new level of fun and freedom to your work because you’ll want to try so many new tools and techniques — now you’ll have the skills you need to do that!


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