Jean Pederson

Jean Pederson: Watercolor Techniques - Wet Glazing

Video Length: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
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Follow along with Jean Pederson as she teaches wet-in-wet watercolor painting techniques. 

Learn to create luminous watercolor paintings by layering transparent and opaque paint on a wet surface, plus follow along as Jean demonstrates these techniques in a still-life painting of grapes. Discover the natural characteristics of watercolor and learn how to use them to your advantage while painting on a vertical surface. Explore how to achieve rich and luminous colors by lifting and reapplying colors. You'll achieve new depths in your watercolor paintings with these layering techniques and instruction from Jean Pederson!


You will enjoy this video if:

  • You want to learn more watercolor techniques
  • You're interested in exploring glazing in watercolor
  • You have a passion for watercolor painting



  • Watercolor lessons on techniques and brush control
  • Wet-into-wet watercolor painting instruction
  • Step-by-step instruction for a watercolor still life painting