Kathleen Hudson

Kathleen Hudson: Waterfall Secrets

Video Length: 8 Hours

In this stunning course, you’ll learn:
  • Kathleen teaches you how to divide the creative process into sections where you can focus on different things. It’s impossible to think of everything (value, composition, color, brushwork, texture, edges, detail) at once, so breaking it down into stages makes it possible for you (no matter your skill level) to have the best chance of succeeding in a painting.
  • Waterfalls are the perfect subject for a multistep method because they have such flexible and pronounced value designs with dramatic highlights, yet they are also a great subject for experimenting with bold brushwork.
  • Learn how to set your painting up for success with a transparent underpainting — without needing to wait for it to dry.
  • Learn the key to joyful, bold brushwork: pre-mixing piles of paint and laying color down with confidence on an underpainting where all the composition and drawing problems have already been solved.


Chapter Highlights:

  • Materials & Tools
  • Preparatory Work
  • Composition
  • Value Underpainting
  • Color Mixing
  • Block-in Day One: From Focal Area Out
  • Block-in Day Two: Completion
  • Focus on Brushwork
  • Reassess the Painting
  • Final Adjustments



High Speed View of the Demonstration Painting set to music–fun to watch it develop
Exhibit of Works–an inspirational slideshow of Kathleen’s paintings
Artist Insights–listen in as Kathleen discusses her artful beginnings and move into a career as a painter

Meet your instructor:

Kathleen B. Hudson emphasizes dynamic light and atmosphere in her paintings. She is a Signature Member of the Plein Air Painters of America and a Fellow in the American Society of Marine Artists. In 2017, Hudson received the Grand Prize in the 6th Annual PleinAir Salon for her painting Bright Morning, Timberline Falls, which was featured on the July 2017 cover of PleinAir Magazine. The same month Southwest Artnamed her an “Artist to Watch.” She has since won numerous awards at national plein air events, including back-to-back Artists’ Choice awards at the Laguna Invitational and Artists’ Choice at Forgotten Coast.

Hudson moved from her native Kentucky to Boston in the fall of 2005 to begin an undergraduate degree at Harvard University, where she painted, studied mountain travel narratives, and led backpacking trips for fellow students. She now lives with her family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When she’s not outside painting from life, you can find her in the studio creating larger-scale landscapes

“You’re not creating a portrait of a waterfall, you’re creating a dynamic light and dark composition … and you can get creative with it.”

— Kathleen Hudson


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