Kyle Ma

Kyle Ma: Painting Roses

Video Length: 4 Hours 12 Minutes

If you’ve ever created a floral painting, you know it can be challenging to get the details just right. There’s a thin line between clarity and clutter, and if you don’t recognize when you’ve crossed that line, it may be too late to make corrections.

The result? Cross the line into clutter, and you’ll have a painting you aren’t satisfied with … and certainly don’t want to show off (and forget trying to sell it!).


Here is a bit of what you’ll experience in this video:

  • Do THIS to make every single brushstroke purposeful
  • Best-kept secrets to toning your canvas (do it this way, and you’re off to a great start!)
  • The “danger zone” of floral paintings ... and the key to avoiding it!
  • See shapes better by using this SIMPLE solution
  • The RIGHT time to intentionally make a “mistake” (critical knowledge for every artist!)
  • The BIG thing you must do BEFORE you make any changes to your painting
  • EASILY make a DISTINCT separation between flowers (you won’t believe you didn’t already know this!)
  • Refine shapes and make your pattern stronger (Kyle shows you, step by step)
  • Do this FIRST, and save yourself a lot of time and frustration later
  • When is the RIGHT time to add the finer details? (Nope, it’s not then … or even then!)


Kyle Ma offers a fresh perspective on painting florals, and we’re proud to partner with this up-and-coming and celebrated young artist. In this instructional video, you’ll see clearly how you can design and create a scene where it’s not just about the flowers.

Working from both a color study and a photograph, Kyle begins by asking an important question: What are you drawn to the most?

From there, he’ll show you, step by step, how to find the answer by considering every aspect of your painting — composition, drawing, values, shapes, edges, color, texture, and overcoming the challenges that are inherent to florals.

Though Kyle demonstrates a start-to-finish floral painting for you here, his logic and technique is something you will use in every painting you create. We’ll warn you, though … don’t be surprised when you watch Kyle in this video and suddenly feel the urge to bring floral paintings back into your life (or maybe even try them for the first time!).


This video is definitely for you if you want to:

  • Paint florals and still lifes with the detail that breathes life into the objects
  • Introduce beautiful light into your paintings
  • Avoid drowning in too many details
  • Maintain accuracy while still painting loosely
  • Achieve a more natural look
  • Adjust the scene to bring out only the best


With over 4 hours of instruction, you’re sure to gain new knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to use right away, whether you’re a first-timer, a bit rusty, or an old pro with florals.

Let’s face it, the best landscape painters have nailed painting florals, and it’s a must for you if you want to be taken seriously as a plein air painter. This is just the instructional video you need to really see how florals are done … and done very well!


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