Portrait Bundle Special



This Bundle Includes 7 Of Our Popular Portrait Instructional Videos!

Combined Length: 100+ Hours


Juliette Aristides: Secrets of Classical Painting

Juliette Aristides is one of the world's leading experts in the "lost art" of the classical technique — a technique that captures the purity and deep emotion within the human form like no other can.



Ryan Brown: Painting Classic Portraits

There is now a way to learn portrait painting that is easier than ever and will take the mystery out of this beautiful art form. You will want to discover these secrets for yourself right away — and now you can.



Eric Johnson: Rembrandt Secrets Revealed

We’re proud to bring you Rembrandt Secrets Revealed with artist Eric Johnson — one of the most extensive and important video projects we’ve ever produced. A film that will be embraced worldwide as one of the most important components of understanding 17th century art.



Joshua LaRock: Classical Portraits

Throughout this video, Josh presents multiple problem-solving tools and ideas you can apply in your own artwork. For example, you’ll appreciate the importance of his layering techniques, which give you the opportunity to adjust your painting as it progresses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much everything changes and begins to “glow” as you add layers.



Gregory Mortenson: Realistic Self Portraits

Gregory Mortenson is one of the most well-regarded portrait artists working today. His spellbinding, emotionally charged portraits can be found on display in fine art galleries from New York to Barcelona. If you want to learn how to paint a stunning portrait, then this is the man to help you do it!



Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso: Poetic Portraits

In this video, you’ll see how using Gabriela’s painting process can develop and tell the story of the subject. Discover, in your own voice, how you can achieve the likeness, mood, and facial character that make your subject, and your paintings, unique. You’ll realize when painting from life, that life is at the core of making a great painting.



Cesar Santos: Secrets of Portrait Painting

Using his systematic approach, Cesar will remove the difficulties that many artists encounter when painting portraits. He'll show you his proven techniques that he has developed over many years of studying in great schools and academies and learned from talented teachers worldwide.