Robin Cheers

Robin Cheers: Brushwork Secrets Unleashed

Video Length: 3 Hours 5 Minutes

Here’s what’s in store for you!

  • The tried-and-true #1 secret to painting more intuitively and expressively (you’ll now be in the know!)
  • Don’t just paint things … paint stories!
  • Develop your own impressionistic, personal painting style (Robin shows you how!)
  • Think loose brushwork can look sloppy? Think again!
  • Robin’s shocking (but simple) fix for getting more painting done in less time
  • If you STOP doing this one thing, you’ll immediately become a better painter!
  • Getting that “wow” idea to translate from your head onto your canvas (now this is what will keep your passion for painting alive!)
  • Should you paint every detail of a face? (Nope, and here’s why!)
  • Do you suffer from starting paintings but never finishing them? Here’s the cure!
  • The secret to elevating your work so your viewers are inspired
  • A simple secret that most artists and art enthusiasts don’t know that will make THE difference in a painting (once you find out, you’ll never skip doing this again!)
  • Three hours of instruction (Best part? You get to watch, pause, and paint on your own schedule!)
  • Careful choices now … terrific results later … (get the scoop here!)
  • Yes, it’s good to copy when you’re learning … now let’s add your personality to your work!
  • Struggle with colors getting muddy? That stops right now!
  • It’s time to think outside the brush … discover what else works for you!


You have a story to tell.

But HOW you tell your stories matter. Good storytellers know how to craft a great story, and great storytelling painters know how to craft a painting that tells that story.

Imagine YOUR STORY… communicated through paint.

Like writing a book or creating a scrapbook, paintings are a way of capturing and sharing what’s important to you … a story told through your eyes and painted in a way that invites the viewer to follow along and feel the meaning of the story.

Like most of us, you might think it takes words to tell a story … but we’re going to show you how a painting is worth a thousand words!

Meet Robin Cheers ... a storyteller. Through her contemporary impressionist-style paintings, she tells all kinds of different stories — from the sometimes routine activities of daily life all the way to documenting a once-in-a-lifetime trip or experience.

She is just the right artist to show you how to paint your stories. Her ability to create a strong design and color plan is just the beginning of what will become your own personal documentation of a moment in time.

Through demonstrating beautiful brushwork, magnificent color, and intentional texture, Robin is going to demonstrate how to paint the stories that are meaningful in your life.


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