Soon Y. Warren

Soon Y. Warren: Vibrant Watercolor Techniques - Painting Flowers

Video Length: 1 Hour 53 Minutes

Follow along step-by-step to paint this brilliant flower in glass using Soon Warren’s easy-to-follow watercolor techniques! 

From underpainting to adding layers of color, you’ll watch your painting bloom right before your eyes! Along the way you’ll learn painting techniques for color mixing, brushwork, edge control, shape making, and more. Soon shows you how to create delicate petals, detailed shadows, and bold reflections for dramatic results.


You will learn:

  • Use hard and soft edges to bring your flower into focus
  • Create vibrant color with gradual watercolor glazes


About Soon Y. Warren
Soon Y. Warren is a full time artist and teacher, with a degree in commercial art. Appearing in several art publications, Soon’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions and received several awards.


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