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Video Length: 6 Hours 7 Minutes
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In "Mastering Pastels", master painter Albert Handell shows you how to harmonize the transparent and opaque passages of the pastel — creating a delightful and pleasing composition. You’ll learn how to “see through things” and know exactly how to strongly complete certain areas of the painting — critical to the composition. It's the perfect complement to Kavura's "Realistic Flowers". Get both for one low price today!


Vera Kavura: Realistic Flowers in Pastel


Science has proven that memories last longer (sometimes forever) when connected with powerful emotions.

As artists, evoking emotions through art is one of the most sought-after skills to master…

Not because it’s just a good skill to have … but because it’s through emotions that our art will be remembered.

It’s through emotions that we can leave behind a legacy for our loved ones to remember us by. 

It’s through emotions that our names will continue to ring throughout future generations.

Vera Kavura, an immensely talented artist from Ukraine, understands the power of emotions.

Her mission in art is simple:

“To make a viewer smile and feel a sweet mood — this is my mission in the drawing, by means of revealing the real miracle of nature — flowers.” 

— Vera Kavura


She uses her skills to create breathtaking paintings of flowers that not only grab the viewer’s attention, but also leave behind a lasting impression.

It’s this very skill that makes her art so mesmerizing and memorable.

In fact, fans of her work say things like “soothing to the soul,” “uplifting,” and “your art leaves me breathless.”

Her unconventional methods make it easier for anyone, no matter their skill level, to achieve the same result. 

And the best thing is, Vera claims you can do it in just under an hour! 

This is your opportunity to learn from an accomplished artist and turn “flat and lifeless” flowers into living, breathing works of art that viewers will love.

Who is Vera Kavura?

Vera fell in love with painting at a very young age. 

Her late grandfather was a brilliant artist, but sadly, Vera didn’t get to meet him. He did, however, become one of Vera’s biggest inspirations.

Vera was fascinated by her grandfather’s paintings of flowers. It was these paintings that helped her decide she simply MUST become an artist and discover the secret for herself!

During her early years, Vera was limited to aquarelle, charcoal, and oil. A professional artist recommended she try soft pastel, and that turned out to be her favorite medium.

Ever since then, her expert use of pastel has been stunning viewers everywhere. In fact, her work caught the attention of Unison Colour, a brand well-known for its handmade pastels. They invited Vera to be one of their associated artists — only the best of the best are offered this opportunity!

Now you have a chance to learn from such an accomplished artist — and incorporate her techniques into your current approach.

In this video, Vera is going to show you how to paint realistic flowers from life with PanPastel and soft pastel in just under an hour. 

You’re going to discover the exact techniques that have made her exceptional so you can start applying them to YOUR next masterpiece.

One of her unconventional methods to help you achieve that feat may surprise you…

Normally, most artists start from a sketch and then add color to it. But Vera does it the opposite way.

This simple yet elegant “switch” allows her to easily and quickly create paintings that are much more fluid, vibrant, and full of life.

To make sure you really understand her approach, Vera’s going to demonstrate her techniques with not one, but TWO paintings!

What You’ll Learn in Vera Kavura’s Realistic Flowers in Pastel

How to paint realistic flowers in under an hour

Anyone can paint quickly … but not everyone can paint quickly and create art that attracts attention. The good news is that after watching this video, you’ll be on your way. 

Vera will show you in great detail how she starts with the shapes and highlights of the flower using color alone before adding details.

According to Vera, this approach allows her to “be in unity with nature,” which probably explains why people are saying her flowers look as if they are breathing!

Follow her every step in this video, and soon, you’ll realize that painting flowers that grab attention is not as difficult as you think!

How to improve your “artist’s intuition”...

Vera believes nothing beats nature’s beauty. 

Another one of her winning secrets is to use what nature has already provided us. She uses natural light because it brings out the beauty of the flower the most, and also allows you to see all the shades and tones in their most natural form.

Sometimes she changes the way she colors as the flower opens up its petals! 

Ultimately, what you’ll get out of this video is the skill to “see” nature in all its glory, and then be able to transfer what you see onto the canvas to create your very own stunning artwork.

The most important thing is you’ll improve your “artist’s intuition,” turning you into a far more confident painter.

How to capture nature’s TRUE essence…

Vera never paints from photos because, according to her, photos strip the subject’s true essence. She doesn’t even use artificial flowers as her subjects!

As she says, if you don’t paint from flowers live on site, you’ll miss how the flower moves in the wind, how its vibrant colors react to the natural light, how the shadows bounce off each other, and other intimate nuances that only nature can give.

“If you paint from a photo, you already know the result from the start, because you want to get the same result as what you see in the photo. But if you paint a ‘live’ flower, you’ll be able tocapture its character — its true essence.”
— Vera Kavura


This video will give you the skills to capture nature’s TRUE essence — a skill you can apply to almost anything you want to paint.


Here’s what she’s also revealing inside this video:

  • TWO detailed demonstrations of her paintings: Red Flower and Peonies
  • How to liven up your paintings with fresh approaches you may not have thought of…
  • How to use PanPastel to create large shapes/forms…
  • The “multilayer” pastel secret to creating picturesque paintings…
  • How to create engaging compositions…
  • How to start right away with colors and skip the “preparation” stage…
  • How to mix different shades and create a “transparent” effect
  • The RIGHT way to use a sponge when painting flowers…
  • How to see ALL the colors of the flower (most new artists get this wrong)
  • How to create shape and form simply by using colors…
  • PLUS: How to improve your “artist’s intuition” and be better at transferring life forms to the canvas (a crucial lesson not to be missed)...


We’ve also included:

  • High-speed view of demo set to music (great fun just watching this!)
  • Exhibit of Vera’s works for you to study her work closely
  • Insights from the artist (important lessons to speed up your progress
  • Vera’s instruction translated & spoken in English for your convenience
  • and much more!



Albert Handell: Mastering Pastels


Highlights of this video course:

  • A beautiful pastel painting demonstration
  • Never-heard-before painting tips and tricks from the master himself
  • The surprising positive side of watercolor accidents
  • The “sky-holes” technique for shaping trees
  • How to start a painting, finish a painting, and everything in between!
  • Boost the “carrying power” of your paintings to draw viewers in
  • An in-depth understanding of how warm colors “rise” and cool colors “drop”
  • How to make enhanced composition changes as you paint
  • Methods to eliminate “overworking” a painting
  • Why watercolor and pastel is a perfect mix
  • Create space with transparent and opaque colors
  • Albert’s unique “Hunter-Gatherer” organizing strategy
  • An insightful interview with Albert Handell
  • A digital gallery of some of Albert’s best work
  • BONUS: 2019 tribute video created to honor Albert as he was presented with PleinAir magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • And much, much more!

You have the incredible opportunity to learn about pastel painting from Albert Handell, an art legend!

This is an amazing video course where Albert shares techniques, insights, and wisdom that he has gained through his seven decades as an artist.

You’ll watch how this master painter begins a painting, progresses through each stage, and how he decides when it is finished … allowing you to stop overworking your own paintings.

You’ll see how Handell harmonizes the transparent and opaque passages of the pastel — creating a delightful and pleasing composition.

He’ll show you how to maximize each and every color of the pastel by understanding its nature.

You’ll experience in-depth explanations of landscape proportions (demonstrations included!)

Albert even shares his secrets for grabbing a viewers’ attention, even from afar, and drawing them into the painting by amplifying its “carrying power.”

He offers you his best techniques on how to create exciting and dynamic paintings by avoiding boring placement.

You’ll learn how to “see through things” and know exactly how to strongly complete certain areas of the painting — critical to the composition.

One of the biggest benefits you’ll gain is how to maintain intentional variety and unity throughout your painting to keep the eyes of your viewers glued to your creation!

Don’t miss your chance to study pastel painting with Albert Handell.

Chapter Outline

  • Introduction to Pastel Painting
  • Variation on a Theme
  • Lay Out the Composition
  • Transparent Watercolor Underpainting
  • Pastel Beginnings
  • After the Block In
  • Take it to the Finish